Drug Enforcement Administration Paid 9.4 million to Deactivated Confidential Informants

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An internal Department of Justice review discovered that the Drug Enforcement Administration has paid more than 9 million dollars to deactivated confidential informants, or sources.  These CIs are critical to the DEA’s efforts in the war against drugs and can provide timely and actionable information that leads to critical arrests and the seizure of contraband.

While it is easy to criticize from the sidelines, managing robust source networks in either the war on drugs or terror can be difficult for a government organization to administer. This is particularly true as entities within the intelligence and law enforcement communities grow beyond control and become unbearably bureaucratic.

While this number is substantial and indefensible, trust our staff when we tell you that they are not the only organization squandering away funds on programs or operations that are either expired or producing little in terms of value to the organization and subsequently the American taxpayer.

OpsLens Staff

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