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British Ambassador to United Nations Accuses Russia of War Crimes in Syria

By Sky News

Russia is partnering with the Syrian government to carry out war crimes, Britain’s ambassador to the UN has said.

Speaking at an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, Matthew Rycroft said the push by the US and Russia to stop the fighting is “nearing the end of its life”.

But UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged world powers to redouble their efforts to end Syria’s “nightmare”.

He said: “What excuse is there for anything less than determined action to stop the mayhem?

“How much longer will all those with influence allow such cruelty to continue?

“I urge all involved to work harder for an end to the nightmare.”

Washington and Moscow brokered a ceasefire after weeks of negotiations earlier this month, but the agreement collapsed on Monday.

The UN’s top envoy to Syria accused the country’s government of unleashing “unprecedented military violence” against civilians in the city in the aftermath of the collapse of the truce.

Staffan de Mistura said the offensive to retake rebel-held eastern Aleppo, which involved targeting civilians with sophisticated weapons including incendiary devices, may amount to war crimes…

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