OpsLens Policy Poll – Trump vs. Clinton on ISIS

We are not advocating for either candidate in this particular piece, but rather placing the onus upon you, the audience, to make your own determination on who has the better policy to combat ISIS.  Those who engage in watching the national news, regardless of network, have heard frequently the Clinton campaign cite the fact that ISIS is utilizing Donald Trump’s comments to recruit additional people for their cause.  Clinton claims that her experience will provide a steady hand in the White House and will not place troops on the ground in Iraq and Syria to combat the extremely violent and forward leaning group.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump claims that his plan, albeit undefined, will eradicate the group in short order and reinstate the United States military and foreign diplomacy as one of fear and respect. How this will be accomplished and to what level of success is to be determined, but his intent is not to go easy on the group. While, militarily speaking, America is supreme to its enemy, the likelihood of a rapid change is unlikely.

Which policy do you believe will work the best? Respond by commenting Clinton, Trump or Don’t Know in the Facebook comment section below.

OpsLens Staff

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