Violence in Chicago Tops Numbers in War Torn Somalia

By Edmund Kozak, Lifezette

Under President Obama’s watch, certain America cities have become as dangerous as failed, war-torn African states.

More people have died in Chicago in 2016 so far than died in armed conflict in Somalia over the entire course of 2015, according to statistics from an Amnesty International annual report.

The human rights watchdog reported that “over 500 people were killed or injured by armed conflict and generalized violence” in Somalia 2015 amid continued conflict between “Somali Federal Government (SFG) forces, African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) peacekeepers, and the armed group al-Shabaab in central and southern Somalia.”

In Chicago, in roughly the three-quarters of 2016 alone, over…

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Chicago Murders Surpass Death Toll of War in Somalia

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