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Iraq Security Forces Claim to Recapture Sharqat from ISIS

The Iraqi military is claiming that its forces have recaptured Sharqat district in Salah-ad-Din Province, Iraq from ISIS.  After significant air efforts were placed on Sharqat during the past year by both Iraq and Coalition partners, the military launched efforts to retake the area, which has been an ISIS stronghold.

Sharqat is located west of Hawijah, an ISIS hub in Kirkuk Province, and was utilized on an increased basis to support efforts throughout the region, to include those in Mosul, which is approximately 50 miles to the North. Mosul is considered to be one of two capitols for the self-declared caliphate, the other being Raqqah, Syria.

Several cities previously controlled by ISIS have fallen to Iraqi security forces during the past year as the country, backed by the United States, makes its final arrangements to assault Mosul.

By OpsLens Staff

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