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China’s J-20 Stealth Fighter vs. America’s F-35, Taiwan’s F-16 and Japan’s F-15: Who Wins?

By The National Interest

The Chinese Military has advanced dramatically over the past quarter century.

No longer is Beijing’s armed forces filled with recruits that are poorly trained or lacking the arms needed to fight a major war.

China has invested in platforms that are specifically designed to take on the United States in contested parts of Asia, such as Taiwan, the East China Sea and the hotly disputed South China Sea. Systems include the much discussed DF-21D (or commonly referred to in the press as the ‘carrier-killer’ missile), cruise missiles, advanced mines, submarines, drones and other anti-access/area-denial weapons of war.

In the air, Beijing has also made some major advances. Of specific note is the J-20, or China’s new 5th generation fighter. Meant to counter America’s 4th and 5th generation planes as well as aircraft from Japan, Taiwan and others, the plane has generated tremendous interest in the U.S. as well as international defense community…

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