Officer Shot An Unarmed Black Man in Tulsa When He Reportedly Reached Inside His Car, There’s A Reason For That

By Matt Vespa, Townhall

Another police-involved shooting death of an unarmed black man has occurred in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the media frenzy has begun. On Friday, 40-year-old Terence Crutcher was shot and killed by Officer Betty Shelby when she said he wouldn’t comply with police commands, walked back to his vehicle, and reached inside his vehicle.

Of course, this is a tragic incident. The video of the shooting more clearly shown from a police helicopter circling the scene is horrible to watch. Still, before we feast on the buffet of false narratives, namely that cops are waging quasi-genocide against African Americans, there are way too many questions left unanswered. Moreover, we have news organizations giving two different stories of the shooting. ABC News says that Crutcher placed both of his hands on the car, while The New York Times added Officer Shelby’s recollection of the events, citing Crutcher reaching into his car and noting that she thought he had a weapon.

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