‘OpsLens Terms to Know’: DIA

I cannot tell you how many times I have mentioned the acronym DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) and been given a look of confusion, followed immediately, by “who is that?”  Certainly the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and in recent years the National Security Agency (NSA), has received the lion share of publicity, as they both serve as strong plank holders in the U.S. Intelligence Community.  The portrayal of a long list of fictional CIA characters does not hurt their cause either.  There has been little done, however, in the way of addressing the DIA in Hollywood, and the highly important organization rarely gets media coverage from the major networks.

However, this should not relegate the organization to the role and status that of third string quarterback on a mediocre football team.  They serve, in the simplest of terms as the Department of Defense’s intelligence apparatus, performing nearly all of the same missions as the CIA.  The CIA, however, has a broader application of their mission across the globe, while, in principle, DIA traditionally only performs intelligence operations in areas where the U.S. Military is stationed or involved in a conflict.

This policy has evolved over time due to the broad and expanding mission of our military as well as the spread of extremism into all corners of the earth.  Subsequently DIA has deployed more officers to an increasing number of locations.

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