Democrats and the Department of Justice Continue to Defend Hillary Clinton’s Careless Handling of Classified Information

While I was not surprised with the results of the FBI inquiry into presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s email practices, I was severely disappointed that little else with regards to ramifications for her actions were discussed and continue to be pushed aside by the Department of Justice, the media and the Clinton campaign.  Sure, FBI Director James Comey slammed Clinton’s negligence, calling her email practices and handling of classified information “extremely careless”, but the punishment did not fit the crime and she continues on with her campaign, and is in fact in the lead in almost all polls.

Negligence is not and never should be a position upon which to lean.

As stated before, had myself or any of my colleagues committed this on even one occasion, let alone thousands, we would have lost our jobs and faced possible criminal charges, per 18 U.S. Code § 798, which addresses the disclosure of classified information, along with several U.S. statutes and internal organizational policies that clearly govern how classified information is to be handled.  Given the history of the Clinton family and their well-known scandals, which have done little in the way of tarnishing their public image, it was of little surprise that no federal charges were brought about, as sad as that may be.  However, the fact that no discussion has occurred regarding Mrs. Clinton losing her security clearance to date is extremely concerning.  While the FBI determined that no intent to disclose information was found, the bottom line – it simply does not matter.  The crime was committed, classified information was exposed and vulnerable, and negligence is not and never should be a position upon which to lean.


In this case the facts are clear, and while much is unknown, we can conclude without a doubt that Mrs. Clinton is not fit to handle classified information at any level.  Therefore, this spurs the question, how can she be viewed as a trustworthy and reliable candidate upon which the American people entrust their security and freedom to for the next four to eight years as the leader of the free world?  The Democratic party will tell you, the voter, as they did this week, that her actions were justified, citing the fact that former Secretary of State Colin Powell, a Republican and distinguished public servant, used a personal device as well and even coached Clinton.  This is an absurd assessment and a damning view of their outlook on the world, specifically the handling of classified material.   Someone else breaking the law does not imply that it is now okay for others moving forward.   However, that said, I fear that Mrs. Clinton has created a precedent that will protect others after her who have jeopardized national security information and can now cite ‘lack of intent’ and use the Clinton case as legal case upon which to lean.

We can conclude without a doubt that Mrs. Clinton is not fit to handle classified information at any level.

Admittedly, my position on Hillary has not changed since the moment she entered the public spotlight, and certainly this does not help her cause in my book.  Still, I assure you, this commentary is not about politics.  It is not about being a Republican or Democrat.  This is about the law, about what is right and wrong, period.  I do not care if Colin Powell did something similar.  If true, it was wrong and he too should be investigated for breaking the law and internal agency regulations.  Now the question is, will America begin to see through the lies and deceit that is spewed from the Clinton camp and understand the gravity of this colossal security blunder, or will they continue to ignore Mrs. Clinton’s blatant ignorance of established security protocols, which are in place to keep our officers and our national interests out of grave danger?

By a Senior OpsLens Contributor

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