Russia and Iran Continue to Politically Steamroll the U.S. Government

Department of Defense officials reported on Wednesday that a Russian aircraft buzzed a United States Navy spy plane in yet another act of aggression on a growing list of antagonizing acts toward the U.S.  In the past year the number of events has climbed dramatically starting with the lobbing of cruise missiles through joint U.S/Iraqi airspace without informing the U.S government, which in turn halted U.S air operations, performing a dangerous and taunting fly-by of a U.S naval vessel and deliberately bombing an installation in Syria that they knew would go unchallenged due to the clandestine nature of the base.

…the current administration continues to allow Putin to steamroll the U.S every time they allow such incidents to go unchecked.


Iran has taken similar steps to challenge, and perhaps even taunt, the administration, knowing that little in the way of retribution will occur.  In late August several Iranian sea vessels belonging to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IGRC) attempted to provoke a U.S. warship in the Straits of Hormuz, adding to Iran’s own growing list of aggressive acts.  Again, nothing was done by the White House or the Pentagon, opting instead to say “don’t do that” like a feeble child on an elementary school playground.

With regards to Russia, the current administration continues to allow Putin to steamroll the U.S every time they allow such incidents to go unchecked. Do we want an all-out war with Russia? No, of course not. Although I can’t definitively say that Russia feels the same way.  Though their goal is most likely to simply undermine the U.S. administration and create as much strife within our country as possible, which of course directly benefits Russia.  Iran and other enemies of the United States have observed closely and followed suit, seeing the positive results and utter lack of ramifications for their cohorts.

Admittedly, these provocations are difficult to respond to and finding the most appropriate solution for them is no easy task. However, I assure you that continuing to use the “remain quiet and hope for change” method will allow for future incidents and continue to downgrade America’s reputation in the international community.  This will subsequently aid in Russia’s steady rise back to the top as a strong and extremely patriotic hegemon.  Their allies, such as Iran, will use this same devious playbook as they attempt to undermine other countries within the Middle East for their own gain, clandestinely acquire nuclear weapons and support continued attacks against the West by their proxies.

By a Senior OpsLens Contributor

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