Equal Justice for All?  Perhaps Not…

Kristian Saucier, a former Navy seaman who served as a machinist on a nuclear submarine, is going to prison for one year, following his sentencing last week.  Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton pushes on with her determination to be the next president of the United States.  Why do I mention Saucier and Clinton in the same sentence?  Simple – both were accused of mishandling classified information.

Saucier illegally took pictures with his cellphone of his sub’s engine room.  Any photos of a nuclear submarine’s inner workings are classified “confidential”.  What he did was clearly wrong, and a violation of the law.  Hillary Clinton stored hundreds of classified documents, several classified at the Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) level, on her personal unprotected server rather than use the Department of State’s secured system.  What she did was clearly wrong, and a violation of the law.  Both of their transgressions were investigated by the FBI, but sadly the comparison ends there.  Saucier is going to the Big House, Clinton is perhaps going to the White House.  Why?  Well I have to surmise that “justice” isn’t as blind as the government would have us believe!

FBI Director Comey stated that he would not recommend an indictment for Clinton because no federal prosecutor would take the case, yet the feds had no problem taking the case against Saucier.  Nor for that matter did they have any issue with taking the case against Navy reservist Bryan Nishamura, who downloaded classified information onto his personal computer.  Sound familiar?  But the obvious point here is that justice is equal for anyone NOT named Clinton.

And since I am not named Clinton, I have to be thankful that during my 32 plus years of handling highly classified material while working in the Intelligence Community, I never violated U.S. Code 793(e) or (f) regarding handling classified material, because if I had recent decisions by the Department of “Justice” would have ensured I would have been prosecuted and convicted.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton marches on, and her willing media partners have long since moved on to other important news, like criticizing Donald Trump for going to Louisiana with flood relief material as a “photo op” while pointing out the obvious – Democrat Governor Edwards didn’t want Trump to come to Baton Rouge.

By: Robert L. Adams

Robert L. Adams is an OpsLens contributor and a retired senior support officer within the U.S Intelligence Community.

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