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Countries Across the Globe Are Trying to Acquire Drones

By Aaron Mehta and Barbara Opall-Rome, Defense News

As US State Department officials try to convince foreign nations to sign on to a new set of guidelines for the export and use of armed unmanned systems,  experts are split on just what the impact such new rules might have on the growing market for strike-capable drones.

Defense News first broke the news last week that the US is seeking to bring foreign nations under similar restrictions for the sale and use of armed drones as those put in place by the Obama administration last year. US officials traveled to Geneva last week to meet with export control representatives from some 100 governments on the sidelines of the second Arms Trade Treaty review conference.

Administration officials this week told Defense News that the one-page document laying out the core principals of the export regime, which has been distributed to partner nations around the globe, is actually just the first part in an admittedly ambitious two-step process.

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