Clinton Foundation Donor Refused Entry to U.S Due to Ties with Hezbollah

By Kathryn Blackhurst, LifeZette.com

Hillary Clinton’s rendezvous with scandals during her tenure as Secretary of State has refused to subside yet again – this time linking her and the Clinton Foundation to a donor who allegedly has ties to Hezbollah.

When the latest batch of emails sent and received from Clinton’s private email server were released this month, the Democratic presidential nominee faced backlash as they were compared with the portions of her daily schedules released from her time as Secretary of State. A report from the Associated Press found that more than half of Clinton’s meetings or phone calls with government outsiders were conducted with donors for the Clinton Foundation. And Clinton’s ties with Lebanese-Nigerian donor Gilbert Chagoury deserved heightened scrutiny.

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Clinton Foundation Tied to Hezbollah

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