With Comey and Petraeus It’s the Same Pressure Tactics, but With Two Very Different Results

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Though General David Petraeus made mistakes, he did not cave to political pressure to squash a story and protect the previous administration…

James Comey’s recent affirmation that then attorney general Loretta Lynch pressured him into diluting the severity of the charges against Hillary Clinton for use of a private email server echoes similar tactics reportedly attempted against General David Petraeus while he serving as Director of the CIA. Though the efforts by the Obama administration in both cases were similar, the reaction by General Petraeus was strikingly different from that of former FBI Director Comey.

Though facing exposure of an affair that led him to provide classified information to an uncleared individual, when pressured to testify in line with the administration’s narrative on the attack in Benghazi that led to the deaths of four Americans, General Petraeus rebuffed the pressure and provided his honest assessment of the events that led to and unfolded on September 11th, 2012. In doing so, General Petraeus ultimately committed career suicide. The revelations of his affair, and subsequent sentencing, were likely punishment for his honesty. A stark contrast to the ways in which Mr. Comey responded when faced with similar circumstances.

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