Reality Winner Underscores Societal Problem

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While the most recent intelligence leak by Reality Winner is a blow to national security, perhaps the larger problem resides with our new societal norms.

The release of classified information by the former NSA contractor Reality Winner underscores a troubling trend that threatens the lives of the men and women sacrificing on the front lines to keep our adversaries at bay. With this case in particular, it is a troubling indictment on the background investigation process as there appear to have been numerous red flags throughout the course of her adult life. This case also further speaks to the dangers of social media both as a mouthpiece for sensational views, and as a means to maintain contact with nefarious actors.
Even more disconcerting, is the fervor with which these criminals are heralded by many uninformed civilians, as well as in the mainstream media. To be clear, these individuals have committed felonies according to our laws and should be tried and held accountable.
The damage of their acts is hard to quantify, but it stands to threaten the work and more importantly, the lives, of those who serve to protect us all.

Brandon Blackburn

Brandon Blackburn is a Senior OpsLens Contributor and former CIA Counterterrorism Officer with a journalism degree from the University of Missouri and an MBA with a concentration in International Business. During his time with the CIA, Brandon served multiple tours in the Middle East, to include Iraq and Jordan, and in Afghanistan. Brandon consults with businesses and media on national security related issues with his consulting firm B4B Enterprises. Blackburn is also a consulting producer for Live PD on A&E. He can be followed on Twitter @Bran_Blackburn.

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