Hollywood Director Condemns US Air Force’s ‘Mother Of All Bombs’, Says All That Is Needed To Defeat ISIS Is Love

“The pure ignorance from a person who enjoys the freedom to give such uninformed opinions is astounding.”

Documentary director Josh Fox found himself the subject of a social media roast when he took to Twitter to deliver his two cents on defeating the terrorist organization ISIS.  In the wake of the “Mother of all bombs” being dropped on an ISIS stronghold in Afghanistan, Fox got online to condemn the bombing that is now being reported to have taken out 94 militant fighters.

Referring to the US Air Force action as “murder” and an “abomination,” Fox expressed his disgust that such ordinance even exists.  He went on to offer a solution to the worldwide problem of terrorism by stating, “Love your enemy.  Don’t create more of them.  Teachers, diplomacy, culture and aid helps peace.  Bombs don’t.”

Fox is a liberal activist who specializes in documentaries.  While he may have found success in the film industry, I wouldn’t advise him to pursue a career in foreign policy.  It seems like there are quite a few social media experts these days who get online to spout off some crazy rhetoric that can only be seen through the lens of those with absolutely no experience in such matters.

I would like to see in detail how Fox intends to offer love to an organization that beheads human beings while they are still alive.  Perhaps he can travel to one of the many war-torn countries and knock on the door of its militants to offer a solution of love and aid.  The pure ignorance from a person who enjoys the freedom to give such uninformed opinions is astounding.  I’m starting to wonder if Hollywood thinks the real world works like its films.  Can we invite ISIS to dinner and hug it out?  Josh Fox seems to think so.  His posts on Twitter read like a learned man dropping knowledge on the likes of combat veterans who have been through hell and back after approaching situations in places like Afghanistan in order to “win hearts and minds.”

Josh Fox should draft an operation order and send it to Secretary of Defense—Gen. James Mattis—with his mission statement on how he plans to combat terrorism with rainbows and sunshine.  He also claims that he’s studied the MOAB for years and “it’s a disgusting device designed to inflict maximum casualties.”  You don’t say!  Why on earth would the United States Armed Forces possess such things?

It always makes me laugh when those without so much as a failed attempt at basic training for any branch of the military deliver an awkward narrative on how to win wars.  Somewhere in the United States is an 18-year-old kid shaking in his boots at a Marine Corps Recruiting Depot praying that he won’t miss a step as he learns to march and he has more courage than the likes of Josh Fox will ever possess.  If this is what it means to be “woke” then I think I’ll stay napping.

Angelina Newsom

Angelina Newsom is an OpsLens Contributor and U.S. Army Veteran. She has ten years experience in the military, including a deployment to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. She studies Criminal Justice and is still active within the military community.

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