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What We Know About Car Hacking, the CIA and Those WikiLeaks Claims

By Steven Overly, The Washington Post:

Today, manufacturers really have no idea what’s going on…they have no idea if it’s been hacked or not…

Tucked into WikiLeaks’ analysis of a trove of documents allegedly from the Central Intelligence Agency is a stunning line: That the agency has looked into hacking cars, which WikiLeaks asserts could be used to carry out “nearly undetectable assassinations.”

In making its claim, WikiLeaks links to meeting notes from 2014 listing “potential mission areas” for the CIA’s Embedded Devices Branch, which includes “Vehicle Systems” and “QNX.” The leaked documents, which The Washington Post could not independently verify and the CIA has declined to confirm, do not appear to suggest the vehicles be used for assassinations, and even WikiLeaks admits “the purpose of such control is not specified.”

The fear that your car can be hacked and made to crash is not new, and it’s not completely unfounded. Concerns about automotive cyber security have been raised since automakers began outfitting cars and trucks with computer-controlled systems.

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