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Security Disarms On-Duty Sheriff at Law Enforcement Charity Hockey Game

By Faye Higbee, Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children:

An ON-DUTY Sheriff went to a Law Enforcement charity hockey game on Saturday and was forced to disarm by the security. But he’s not happy about it.

Blue Lives Matter reported,

Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich arrived at Spokane Arena for the Spokane law enforcement vs. Tri-Cities law enforcement hockey game on Saturday night. When he tried to enter, staff told him that he could not bring his weapon inside.

Sheriff Knezovich said that the staff knew who he was and that he was on-duty, but the security wasn’t swayed. 

“They disarmed me at the door and I’m on duty,” Sheriff Knezovich said. “I had to go put my gun in the car.”

Kevin Twohig, the director of the Public Facilities District said that uniformed officers can come in armed, but plain clothes ones can’t because “we can’t tell if they are on duty or not.”

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