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Pretend You Are A Family Physician In Baghdad…

By Baruch Pletner, Tsarizm:

Pretend you are a family physician in Baghdad. You have a wife and five young children. You have no connection to America, but you imagine that your life there can be much better than in Iraq. You’ve heard that many American communities, especially in inner cities have a real shortage of physicians and you are dreaming of a quiet life with safety and opportunity for you and your children.

So one day you buy bus tickets for you and your family to Amman, Jordan, and from there plan a direct flight to JFK. When you check in for your flight, you present your Iraqi passports to the ticket agent. The agent peruses carefully and asks you where your American visas are. You say that you don’t have any. The surprised agent informs you that she cannot honor your tickets and board you on that flight.

Normally, you’d be horrified; the long bus ride, the crying babies, the thousands of dollars spent on airfare, all lost. But as it happens, these are not normal times; it turns out you have been in touch with the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and an attorney, licensed in the State of New York, is already at the check-in counter. She informs the ticket agent that under the ruling of the 9th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals no person can be denied entry into the US without due process and that therefore a boarding pass must be issued.

If it isn’t, irreparable harm is sure to befall this family who have already spent all of their life savings on the airfare. Furthermore she shows them a letter of employment from a clinic in Compton, Los Angeles, California that provides pro-bono healthcare to addicts; they have already extended the Iraqi physician an offer of employment and in fact his first day is tomorrow. The irreparable harm now extends to all the addicts who will not be able to see a doctor and may in fact die because of that. The press, of course, has been duly notified days in advance and is already there. The entire interaction is live on every screen in the world. The airline supervisor is called in; she enters a code, the NO BOARD loses the NO. Your family is on its way.

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