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FBI Director James Comey: No Charges Will be Brought Against Hillary Clinton

By OpsLens Staff:

UPDATE:  Despite more than 650,000 new emails that were recently discovered on former Representative Anthony Weiner’s laptop, many of which belonging to Hillary Clinton, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has announced that no indictments will be brought forth on the democratic candidate.  Director James Comey provided an update on the investigation Sunday, just days before the election, which will undoubtedly stir outrage on the Republican side and perhaps offer a glimmer of hope for the recently embattled democratic candidate.

It still is unclear how no charges were brought forth in July, when the initial announcement was made, after determining that not only was Mrs. Clinton extremely careless, but did in fact share classified information over an un-secure server, a federal offense. Furthermore, Clinton subsequently lied about the private server and several other ongoing issues regarding Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation and other matters which occurred during her tenure at the State Department.

While many Republicans, and independents who question Clinton’s trustworthiness, will be dismayed, the concurrent FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation remains ongoing. OpsLens will provide additional updates and commentary as more information becomes available.

OpsLens Staff

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